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Birthdate:Jun 4
I no longer post at LIVEJOURNAL. If you wish to add my INSANEJOURNAL to your flist, you can d so here:
I also crosspost from Dreamwidth, where I am, as always:


Me, me, me. In RL, I'm a thirty-somethingfortyish-omg woman who has a professional job, a great place to live, great family, friends, and pets. I'm currently single after a very long and tiresome relationship.

In other words, happy.

Welcome. A few things about me that are essential to know:

1. I fangirl writers and artists.

2. I am old, therefore you will never see things like this XoDD biznatch! It suxs & Im outtie! lolz!!11!! ;)) :P ^_~ here. mmmkay? Also, memes are very rare.

3. Also, due to #2, most of my pop culture references (which seemingly never end with me) will be lost on those who do not remember the 1970's or 80's.

4. My sense of humour is dry, witty, some might even say 'sarcastic'. Very sarcastic. Which, as it turns out, doesn't translate well in type. And yes, that is a warning.

5. I often rec or appreciate those artists and authors in my current fandom, which is Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis (and sometimes BtVS or FullMetal Alchemist). I am particularly partial to slash (but not limited to). If same-sex pairings squick you, these are not the droids you are looking for...

6. I occasionally write for this fandom, I often beta, and I will eventually do some art here. I am a minion for a couple of newsletters: [community profile] sshp_prophet, [profile] rlhp_prophet and I help co-mod a music community, [profile] spammity.

I am the Creator/Mod/Maintainer of [community profile] snarry_games.

I am also a mod for Walking The Plank (A SS/HP Archive).

7. I love music. A lot. I will oftenoccasionally spam you with songs.

8. I like fucking around with graphics and computer stuff, but I have little idea how to do it. Any help in the area of layouts, graphics, icons and whatnot is greatly-GREATLY-appreciated here.

9. I always READ my F-list. I try to comment when I can, I love to review. As my fandom responsibilities become more and more, I find I have less and less time. Rest assured that I am still around, reading and caring about what you have to say. Friend me if you dare. *g*

10. I love movies & sports, I hate wank, I like meeting new people, I hate coconut, I love reading, I hate passive-aggressive people, I love steak, I love coffee, love trivia, I smoke, I swear, I have no kids, have busy RL life, but am here as often as I can be, I AM CANADIAN.

DJIN7 @ LAST F M. What is that crap she is listening to?

I am djin7 at the following places:
Greatest Journal:
Insane Journal:

[community profile] snarry_games: (just in case)
Insane Journal:
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Awesome Beatles Mood Theme by the glorious


AWESOME CUSTOM LAYOUT HEADER DONE FOR ME by the talented [profile] ac1d6urn and layout css by the awesome [personal profile] snakeling. You guys rock my world. ♥


EdxRoy is Love


Who else is love?
[personal profile] pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

[profile] melora98's tribute to me:

Before I knew of Snarry
(in dark, dark days of yore)
My life was dull and dreary,
and fanfic was a bore.

But then I came upon a fandom
So magical, sublime!
And in this fandom, PEOPLE
With the same damn kinks as mine!!

[personal profile] djin7, I just want to send you thanks
For doing all that you do
I join with all the Snarry-lovers to say,
"I couldn't get off without you!!"

Thanks [personal profile] djin7!!!

And [profile] vain_chan (Hanakai) says: XD You're like my Snarry pusher, you know that? Every time I think I've lost all my interest in HP, you keep pulling me back in . . .

Nothing has ever made me happier. *g*

Image hosted by

Bruce Lee is Love

And my one and only Testimonial. You'd think we've known each other for our whole lives:

[personal profile] djin7:
i have plans in the morning
then I will be home
[personal profile] aliciamasters:
Something fun, I hope?
[personal profile] djin7:
festival of pain, actually
xmas shopping
[personal profile] aliciamasters:
Well, as long as you do it in company, you'll have a good time. Just remember: it's a VENTI coffee you want. g
[personal profile] djin7:
[personal profile] aliciamasters:
I don't want you lynching some poor Starbucks bastard.
You'll end up on the news
Tonight, in Vancouver, a holiday shopper lost her mind when a Starbucks employee pretended not to know what size Large was. She launched herself over the counter, and in a move that would've made the Hanson brothers proud, She slammed the employee into the expresso machine so hard all the beans rained down on him like the coffee of doom.
[personal profile] djin7:
[personal profile] aliciamasters:
It took four security guards to pull her off, but no one could stop her from shouting: "You're not Italian, you fuck! You don't speak Italian! You don't even say Gratzi when I buy something!"

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

Leila has my password, obv: I absolutely adore [personal profile] reddwarfer because she is shiny and lovely and wrote this and is made of win. I love her more than the Canucks. MUCH MORE! :D

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